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Hard Drive Crash Protocol

   1.	Does the customer have an interface?
        If so, we need Michael or Damon to add any necessary information application(s)
        or setups to the drive before shipping
   2.	Do they have a static IP address?
        If so, we need to set this up before sending so the HD will connect when it gets 
        on site.  If this is not available information on the cabinet page in Salesforce 
        (it should be there) please let me know and I will work with Gillian and the 
        install team to get it entered.
   3.	Burn drive Image to new drive
   4.	Install LogMeIn
   5.	Setup Static IP or DHCP
   6.	Setup Interface
   7.	Ship Hard Drive

Updating drivers for Lumidigm Fingerprint Reader

Update drivers when Cubex Application freezes a lot and cabinet is running a Lumidigm Fingerprint Reader.

• Goto the FPT and copy the folder (LumidigmDriverUpdate) to your local computer.

• Log into the cabinet and verify that they are using a Lumidigm Fingerprint Reader.

• If so, close the Cubex Application and the Cubex Monitor.

• Copy the contents in the folder (LumidigmDriverUpdate) to the Cubex directory on the cabinet.

• You will be asked if you want to overwrite existing files, say yes to all.

• Reopen the Cubex Monitor.

• Reopen the Cubex Application.