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Atomic Unit The smallest unit of measure that Nimbus will count for any specific product. E.g., Advil -> Pill, Hammer -> Hammer, Beer -> Bottle

Atomic Count The number of Atomic Units in a unit of measure. E.g., 1 bottle of 100 Advil pills -> Atomic Count is 100, 1 Hammer in a Hammer -> Atomic Count is 1, 1 Case of Beer -> Atomic Count is 24

Issue Multiplier The number of Atomic Units in an Issue Unit. E.g., if you issue Advil by the 100 pill bottle -> the Issue Multiplier is 100, if you issue Hammers by the Hammer -> the Issue Multiplier is 1, if you issue Beer by the Case -> (you are probably fun at parties) the Issue Multiplier is 24

Order Multiplier The number of Issue Units in an Order Unit. E.g., if you order Advil by the case of 10 bottles -> the Order Multiplier is 10, if you order Hammers by the Hammer -> The Order Multiplier is 1, if you order Beer by the pallet of 100 cases -> the Order Multiplier is 100.

Min is the amount reached before an automatic order is placed.

Max is the amount the user wants in stock after an order has arrived.

Capacity is the most Issue Unit that can fit in a location. The capacity >= max.