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At InstantShip, we take great pride in providing you the easiest, most reliable shipping option that's user friendly, and it has no fee every month for our services. We know that obtaining the lowest price in shipping along with other companies means being forced to join programs or become familiar with a complicated system to save cash.

With InstantShip, we make it simple so that you can print a shipping label, tape it to the package, and drop it off any your local postal service or UPS store. Our goal is always to provide all of our customers using the best service that's clear to see and quick to accomplish. Our Services Founded in 2018, InstantShip is created over a small, proud group of professionals that understands the delivery industry. We've used our experience to locate what customers need when it comes to getting their items shipped quickly and inexpensively without hassle. Shipping Rates Calculator: We provide our free calculator for UPS and USPS shipping, so you can quickly observe how much you will be charged to ship your package. Compare & Save: By utilizing both calculators, you will soon see which service are certain to get your package to the destination the fastest or even the cheapest. We want you to result in the best-informed decision possible, which is why we include both calculators for you to use. Print Shipping Labels: Once you've decided whether USP or USPS fits your needs, simply keep to the steps to print your shipping label. At InstantShip, we make it that easy for you to print a shipping label, so you can get your package coming. You can also track balance, catch up with new announcements about our services, and contact our staff in case you have any questions. Our Promise for you Because we believe in staying small, our professionals have confidence in providing you with fast, easy shipping options due to our labeling system. Just select, print, and navigate to the mailbox or USP store and that’s it. We understand that convenience will be the cornerstone of our own services. That’s why at InstantShip we work diligently to keep up our prime degree of service you desire. We invite you to use our usps shipping calculator, so that you can find out for yourself how easy it really is to utilize. Unlike a number of our competitors, we do not charge a monthly fee or have you join a program to make use of our services. We place the understanding of shipping to your hands, so that you can result in the best-informed decision about how to get a package to its destination.